Connecting to a file server - using MAC

1. To connect to a file server, click on CMD + K. A Connect to Server window will pop up. From here, enter the ip address that was provided to you to access the file server. Usually, most of the protocols before the IP address starts with afp:// unless specified. Click on the " + " button to save the address link  in your Favorite Servers. Finally press connect.

2. Once connected, a user authentication window will pop up. Enter the login details provided to you by the IT Dept. You can click on the "Remember this password in my keychain" to automatically enter your password only if you know how to access and manage your keychain.

 3. Once you've successfully logged in, Connect to the appropriate file server that you were assigned to and press OK.

4. A window will pop up showing the File server's contents. Usually there is a designated folder assigned to you or folders for specific jobs.

Once connected a shared drive will pop up on your desktop, which will look like the one below.

5. If you did not see the icon above on your desktop, this means you either did not connect to the server successfully (this shows an error) or have not enabled to view drives in Finder. To view shared drives and hard drive in finder, Navigate to Finder > Preferences > click on all check boxes in "Show these items on desktop" tab.

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