VPN setup - mac only.

Note: before proceeding find out your IP address at work and wait until you receive your VPN login credentials from the IT dept.

1. Click on the apple  logo in the upper left hand side and choose System preferences.  From the system preferences window click Network.


2. From here click the “ + ” sign in the lower left hand side (if you cannot access is click on the lock button below that and enter password).

3. A window in the middle will show up. Enter the info below

4. Make sure the Ti Group is highlighted on the left and enter the info below. (Server address and account name will be sent to you through email)

5. Once done entering your account name. Press authentication settings and enter the password and shared secret. Press okay once done.

(The password and shared secret will be sent to your email)

6. After that, Click on advance on the lower right hand side beside the question mark. Click on the all 3 session options checkbox and press okay. Press Okay and Apply in main Network window.

7. From the network window, click on Connect and wait for the status to say connected and IP address shows up. Once the IP address shows up you are now connected.

How to connect to workstation.

1. To connect to workstation, you should have access to the Screen Sharing app (built in application for mac). You can find this app by searching in spotlight search or in utilities folder. If you cannot find it, google how to locate utilities folder with your current OSX version.

Enter the IP address of your workstation you wish to connect to. (Please be aware that your IP addresses might change. Contact helpdesk for help) 

2. To find your IP address in your workstation at work, Click on the apple  logo in the upper left hand side and choose System preferences.  From the system preferences window click on Network. 

3. Once you entered your IP address on Step 1, login to your workstation using your workstation username and password. You should be able to see your desktop screen at work. Note that connection might be slow on the weekends for scheduled backups.

***To connect to a windows workstation, use the remote desktop connection app (also a built in apple application) which you can find in utilities or search in spotlight. Search into google if you can't find it with your current OSx version.

For help anytime email helpdesk@tigroup.ca