Accessing the pre flight software on your mac.


Navigate to Finder and Click Go > Connect to Server or

On desktop hit Command + K. A window like this will show up. Hit the + button to save the IP address and press connect. afp://

Enter your username is your name, capital letters on the first and last name and no spaces just like this "PaulaBozzato" or "RandyEngels" or "MarvinEsquivel" or "KennethFung".


The password is the same as your user name, it would be "PaulaBozzato" or "RandyEngels" or "MarvinEsquivel" or "KennethFung".


Everyone has an individual folder so scroll down until you find your name and mount your folder on the desktop.

There is another folder that you can mount at the same time that is called "Lasers" you will need this as well or HP_LaserJet400 or Lasers (Konica Colour @ Planners)


Drop your zip file in on the folder and in a few minutes you will receive an email with links to your preflight reports and low res pdfs of what you have submitted.


Open the link to the preflight report and print this out on letter size paper for the csr.


Click on the link for the corresponding low res pdf and download this into the "Lasers" folder or HP_LaserJet400 or Lasers (Konica Colour @ Planners) you mounted on your desktop. In a few minutes you can collect your laser.


Any further questions please ask Paul Walker at Pre Press.