How to add an Email Signature

Note: Do not add any other content in the signature field such as Social Media links and Advertisements that are not approved by your manager or supervisor. 

1. To create or edit your signature, login to your Ti Group email and click on the gear button on the upper right hand side of you email page. From the drop down list, choose Settings.

2. On the settings page, click on the General tab and scroll down until you see the signature settings.

3. Click on the Radio button to activate and configure your signatures. If you already have an existing signature, remove everything from the signature field. Copy the signature format below and paste to the signature field. Replace and fill in your Name, Title, Office #, and Mobile #. Do not change the format below. 

Copy format below
office: (416)-649-4444 | mobile: (647)-444-4444

You DO NOT NEED TO INPUT A LOGO OR OTHER CONTENT in the field provided. Only your NAME, TITLE AND CONTACT INFO should be included . The logo and confidentiality notice is embedded in our company wide signature footer.

Delete any spaces below your signature.

How to test and see your new signature?

To test your signatures, email a co-worker or to a non-Ti Group email. 

Do not email yourself, you will only see your name, title and phone #. 

You will not see the logo when your composing an email. 

Where is the radio button?

Your signature should look like below:

Delete any spaces below your signature.

For users with only phone extensions use, 416-696-2853 ext [your extension].

If you don't know your direct phone line, refer to our company directory below.

4. After setting up your signature, save your settings by scrolling all the way down in the settings page and hit Save Changes.

For help anytime email