Note: This is for Mac users only.

To print duplex and save as preset follow the instructions and be careful not to change any other settings.  Note that duplex cannot be configured when printing from Google Chrome browser. You must save the file first to PDF. 

1. Type in CMD + P to show the print options (this option is from Adobe acrobat, Word and Excel will look different but almost identical in configuration). Make sure you've chosen the right printer in the list of printers. Press the printer button on the bottom. This print interface is from Adobe. Word will look like step 2.

2.  The picture below will show the print options. Choose the Layout drop down list and choose Fiery Features or Layout / Finish for B/W and mfp.

3.1 For Fiery Features. Click the Duplex drop down list and choose Right and Left Binding (prints 2 sided).

3.2 For Layout / Features.  Click the print type drop down list and choose 2-sided.

4. Before pressing print, save your settings as a preset. Click the Presets drop down list and choose Save Current Settings as Preset

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