Booking board rooms is done through Google Calendar. In this way, everyone from different locations has access to our board room and could see the availability.

Note: Any misuse or abuse of this feature will result in immediate suspension of account

To start off, follow the steps to subscribe to the board rooms from your calendar. Subscribing will allow you to see the vacancy of all the board rooms

1. In your Ti Group calendar, on the left side click the drop down arrow beside Other calendars and choose Browse Interesting Calendars.


2. Inside Interesting Calendars, Click on More.

3. Under Interesting Calendars again, click on  Resources for

4. Click on Subscribe on all board rooms. (Customer meeting room is beside Andy Chan's office).

5. Going back to calendars, you will now see all the board rooms labelled. Clicking on the event will show the details and the organizer of the event.


1.  To book a board room, simple hit the Create button on the upper left hand side in Calendars.

2.  Enter the name and description of event and the date and time of event (Note: Double check the time of event once created) To add guests, click on "Add: Guests". All guests will show on the list. 

3. To add room, simply click Rooms, etc. Click the ADD button beside the desired board room. Rooms that are not available will not appear on the list.

For help anytime email